Yes, this domain can be purchased. Keep in mind that this is a rare and unique domain name with a ton of possibilities. Medical, statistical, gaming, search, benchmark and so many more. We had it appraised 5 years ago from Great Domains and it was valued at $35,000. We have not had it appraised lately, but we will consider any reasoble offer and we are open to partnerships. Keep in mind any partnership we enter into, we would likely retain ownership of the domain until the paramaters of the partnership have been fulfilled. Essentially what I am talking about is this. Over the years we have been approached by several people who want this domain in exchange for future revenue from their start up. While this is fine with me, they wanted me to give them ownership of the site right away then I would have to wait to get paid and only if the venture worked out. Yea right!! that is not of any interest to me. Escrow would be fine, but they didn't want that either. Anyway, if you are interested go ahead and send me an email to jdratstatdotnet and we can start a dialogue. Thanks for visiting this page.